Back to the basics

Check out "Ideal Clinic" Slated to Open in Salem in the Lund Report. 

How many "ideal clinic" docs are out there? Gordon Moore, one of the doctors who has helped pioneer this movement, has a map of over 500 doctors across the country who are doing this type of "micropractice" model. My suspicion is that there are many more than that, hiding out in their happy-holes, practicing medicine on their small scale and not pausing to shout from the rooftops about it.

Really, this model of providing care is not new - it's OLD. Maybe you (or your grandma!) remember a time when doctors made house calls, personally knew patients and their families, and took time to really listen. We're moving further and further away from that in today's health care system, but it doesn't have to be like that. There's no reason doctors can't stand up and say, "Enough, we want to practice medicine in a way that is most humane for our patients and ourselves, starting with our own clinics." 

Running a solo practice, taking time with patients, is not a new concept. It's an old one we need to remember and revive.

When I get to chat with my viejitos (oldest patients) about their experiences with doctors when they grew up, I feel inspired to strive for that level of care in my practice. I am excited when I imagine combining "old time doctoring" with our modern technology and medical knowledge.

To the older readers out there, what was it like to see the doctor when you were a kid?

To the grandchildren, will you please ask your grandparents and report back?

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