Exciting times...

I'd like to thank those of you who came out to our first Town Hall Meeting at the library this week. It was a lot of fun to hear your ideas and see you all in a room together, imagining what health care could look like.

I am thrilled to be opening this clinic. In medical school and residency I often questioned my choice to go into medicine. Pretty early on I realized that when I had TIME with people, to sit on their hospital bed and hear about their families and jobs and lives, then there were few things I loved more than medicine. When I was rushed and had to constantly split my attention between different folks, cut people off, and hurry out of the room, I felt regret and bitter about that level of chaos I don't normally invite into my life. During my family medicine residency in Madison, Wisconsin, I hated my ER rotation at the university hospital; multi-tasking with ten different patients at once felt choppy and frenzied. Yet I worked extra jobs, "moonlighting" in rural ER's out in the country and loved it, because there would typically only be one patient at a time in the entire ER. I could sit and chat and take my time, be as thorough as I liked, and feel calm and relaxed. Patients loved it - they weren't expecting a long chat with the ER doc - and I felt content.

I came across Pamela Wible and other ideal medical practice doctors while in residency and the idea of the "solo-solo" model intrigued me. I looked into it and figured it would be something I could "maybe do someday...in ten years." Yet here we are! This is all happening much earlier in my career than I had anticipated, but why wait? I've worked with many burnt out doctors. My goal is to create a way of practicing medicine that sustains me, and to do so before I join the ranks of unhappy doctors. As I talk to people about their wishes and dreams for their ideal clinic, it becomes obvious that we want the same thing! Enough time together, mutual respect and accountability, getting to know one another on a more personal level. In two short months we'll get to see what this looks like... throw out your ideas, however kooky or square they sound, and help us build this cool clinic!

-Dr. Lara